A Summer of Thrills and Adventure



This summer has been one of the best summers of my life, overflowing with thrills and adventure. And I am thankful for every moment of it. If you’ve caught up on recent blog posts, you would know how excited I was for the new year and how expectant I was for 2018 to be filled with the promise of breakthrough and joy. While the beginning of the year started off strong, I was also confronted with an unexpected wilderness season of disappointment.

As the summer began, it brought sun and warmth on my bare shoulders and grass and sand underneath my bare toes. The beginning of summer also beckoned a spirit of adventure and a determination to not wallow but make the most of this time of long days and limitless possibilities. As I started to let go of my expectations for the year and just focus on what was in front of me – beautiful, steady, and growing friendships, a flexible and challenging work-life that allowed room for my own exploration, and a city that I had spent two years away from and finally could enjoy – I rediscovered the purest version of myself.

Somewhere in the midst of my focus on my career, family, and daily responsibilities, I had neglected my spontaneous and adventurous spirit that so badly needed to be rekindled. My heart needed unrestrained space for play, enjoyment and spontaneity, and this summer has provided just that.


The summer is winding down, but I am resolute that this newfound adventure and fearlessness doesn’t end just because the summer does. I’m vowing to take more out of life because I now know how much life wants to give to me. I want to let go of stifling expectations for what has to be in order for me to be satisfied and happy. I am letting go of fear because of memories of the past and the erroneous idea of the scarcity of joy. 

I’m ready to stop feeling like there is only a small basin in life for me to occasionally draw from. I refuse to believe any longer that I can’t experience constant moments of pure bliss, simplicity, and enjoyment. I want to appreciate inspiration, excitement, adventure, the mundane with equal enthusiasm because it is all a part of this precious life. I will endeavor to be still and present and expand the small things that make life great. Ultimately, I want to just make sure that I enjoy the life that I am living. Because after all... adventure awaits.


Thank you, Summer 2018.


The best is yet to come.