How Letting Go Leads to More Abundance


              The past eight months have been a life-shifting exploration of my creative pursuits and a vast inner process of getting more attuned as an introspective and reflective person and writer.  In that creative endeavor, I began to compile an email draft of every article or written piece that inspired me and touched my heart during this time.  I hastily created the email draft to have somewhere to put my thoughts before I forgot about it or it left me.  I left it as an email draft somewhat intentionally because I liked the fact that it was ever-evolving and waiting in my draft box at the ready to be added to.  Inspiration can be a heavy weight when you know the significant impact of it on your heart and sense of the world, and keeping it in my draft box kept it light and easier to manage.

A few weeks ago, inspiration struck me as I was reading an article about friendship in the New York Times and wanted to file the piece in my brain and in my email draft, which was the following quote from a section called "Modern Love": “Some of the greatest romances of my life have been friendships.  And these friendships have been, in many ways, more mysterious than erotic love: more subtle, less selfish, more attuned to kindness."

As I quickly went to add the thought to my creative arsenal, my (email) box of treasures, I accidentally deleted the draft filled with what seemed like endless recollections of what had touched and shaped my understanding of the things around me. 


Before the last eight months, my immediate reaction would have likely been to panic and burst into tears.  But surprisingly, my first reaction was an acceptance that it happened and an underlying gratitude that I had been inspired at all.  I chose to focus on that instinctual response, and trust that it was truly what my heart felt.

Instead of regret, I chose to write this.

Life is filled with ready inspiration and I am willing to be attentive and open to new experiences.  My heart is not a hollow cup yearning to be filled. It is already satiated and surrounded by streams of insight and meaningful moments ready to pour out.

Part of the reason for my inspiration file was to share my thoughts on different aspects of life on my blog and other writing projects, but the primary one was to savor having been impressed upon at all.  To seeing life differently and with more gratitude and perspective.  To have had that for myself may be a gift, after all. I do not need to document my cherished revelations to be touched any longer, I am already living that change.

Life is a series of letting things go and realizing there is still so much in what is left and what is to come. There is still an abundance and... I am letting go.