Mental Health Awareness: A Letter to My Friend

           The news of the deaths of two huge celebrity figures and cultural tycoons last week impacted a lot of people, including a few friends close to me. For many people, it was a shock that a public figure with seemingly so much could be so unhappy and be in so much pain. But I know from those close to me that depression and mental illness can impact anybody and needs to be talked about with compassion, sensitivity, and deeper understanding.

The weight that someone with depression carries is unimaginable, and is often carried alone because contrary to popular belief, they don't want to bring attention to themselves and be a burden to others.

Words seem so inadequate in times like this, but it is important to talk about mental health and reach out to our friends and family members struggling with their own battles. I want to use my words to encourage the people around me who are still here, because words of love and encouragement are powerful. For any of you who are struggling with mental health like a few dear friends of mine, I hope these words show you how loved you are and give you hope. If you know somebody who is having a hard time, I hope this gives you the words you may be looking for.



To my dearest friend:


Thank you for staying and fighting. I know it can't be easy and it is a daily battle, some days better than others. I love you so much. It makes me sad that you are going through so much pain. I am here for you as you fight to get better, as long as that takes. You are never a burden. You do not see it getting better, and that's okay. I will believe it in my heart for both of us. I have hope that someday you will.

You do not have to run away from the things that have hurt you and have told you lies. This history is a part of you. But you are greater and more powerful than what has happened to you or what you have been told you are. There is a story still unfolding in your life, you do not see it but I know there is so much light waiting to break the darkness that taunts you now.

I see you and you are not alone.

There is so much more to say, but I will continue to say the important things to you as many times as you need. I want you to know that you are loved. Your life is special, and I can't for you to see it all.



Your Friend


Stay strong, keep fighting, and reach out to the people around you. You are loved.


National Suicide Prevention Line

1800 - 273 - 8255