Work-Life: How to Expand the Idea of Happiness in the Workplace

I like being challenged in the workplace and working hard is important to me. Many working professionals, especially young professionals, work tirelessly to prove themselves, build a stellar reputation, and gain valuable experience that is fulfilling and leverages their future opportunities, and I'm no exception.

I have a genuine passion for my field of work and a desire to engage and learn as much as I can. This makes me a motivated worker, but it also means I have to make a concerted effort to take breaks and find balance.

I am a firm believer in "treat Yo' self", not shy to fully indulge in delectable desserts and impromptu weekend trips after a hard week's work or just want to brighten my day. But what about those in-between moments, when you're in the thick of the daily grind? There are only so many warm brownies with vanilla ice cream and weekends to whisk away on an adventure an hour or two from home you can partake in.


Our happiness should not be reserved for weekends or spurts of moments. I certainly don't want to only enjoy myself and fully live when I spend money or get away, which sometimes feels like the case. Happiness can seem elusive, or at the least, a luxury, when you focus so much energy and attention on the "have-to's" - have-to clean, have-to finish this project, have-to be the best.

What if we went through our days filled with "get-to's" - get-to live in a cozy place, get to learn something new, get to do work that makes us proud. And what if that translated to all areas of our lives so that we feel more joy throughout our lives?

Feel more joy by reminding ourselves that we get to laugh, get to spend time with people we love and love us in return, and get to choose balance in our lives.

And what if by getting to live with more appreciation and expanding our idea of happiness, we actually become more productive and effective in the workplace? I don't want to just work like a BOSS, but live like one. It may still mean a 9-5 with a less than ideal commute, but it also means I make the most of the time I have and appreciate the opportunities before me.