How Connection Makes Us Come Alive

I am an introvert and love having my alone time to rejuvenate and decompress. But there is something magical in connecting with other human beings, and finding others who appreciate you for who you are.

Being authentic and wholly me is incredibly important to me. It’s taken a lot of time and work to know who I am and learn to love myself.  I’ve had to build truth where the words of others dared to define as unworthy and disposable. I’ve had to have spaces in my heart repaired and restored. I cherish the lessons I’ve learned, knowing what it took to get there. To get HERE.


But when you find people who not only accept who you are, but see what makes you, you, and love it… that is magic.


When you find people who not only accept who you are, but see what makes you, you, and love it, that is magic.



This magic has the power to spur you on, comfort you, and make you fly.

I’ve relied on myself for a while now, and it’s an amazing feeling to be self-sufficient and resourceful, overcome setbacks, and make my own decisions. But I’m finding that I can still maintain my sense of self, while connecting with others and building firm foundations in relationships.

I’m so grateful for all the people that have been with me and are joining me in this season of my life. It’s such a joy to share our lives together...the struggles and victories, the pain and triumphs. 


The special people in your life (the real, supportive, down-for-you people) can share what they see in you when you aren’t able to see yourself as clearly, they can help you process and think through problems, they can help you dream bigger than the limits of your own fears. 

They can bring laughter and levity in heavy situations. They can talk with you about passions, injustices, and ways to make the world better. They can watch movies and eat at fancy restaurants with you. They can strive to reach goals and grow with you.


Whatever it is, connecting with others makes life better. And it’s worth the risks entailed in any relationship. The magic of connecting with others makes life a little more sparkly and colorful… meaningful.

Connecting with others makes our hearts feel more real and brings out who we were meant to be. We were made to connect, to be part of a bigger piece of the world. We can do so much on our own, but when we connect with others, we access an extraordinary realm of possibilities and potential. Untapped magic, accessible to us all.



So what are some ways we can experience the magic of genuine connection?

1) Love yourself unconditionally. This doesn’t mean we don’t try to grow and acknowledge our imperfections. It doesn’t mean we are haughty and unaware. But it does mean we allow for mistakes and still see our own inherent value. You are absolutely worthy of your own love. You are wonderful and enough.

2) See the value in others. Recognize the value in what other people have to offer, even if they are different from you. See beyond the surface of what people seem to be, and get to know who they really are... not what other people say they are. People carry stories and strengths and weaknesses, and it is a beautiful and extraordinary thing.

3) Understand what YOU value in relationships. It’s okay to have needs, wants, and preferences in relationships. We were built uniquely and it’s important to be honest with ourselves and to others about what is important to us, how we connect with others, and how we feel seen, secure, and appreciated.

4)  Be patient in finding people who value you.  As you get to know yourself better, you will better understand who energizes you and who you want to spend your time with. It is hard to make these meaningful connections, so when they come, take delight in and appreciate them.

5)  Be flexible, gracious and understanding. Setting boundaries in relationships are important, but within those boundaries, give breadth to your relationships to see people for who they are in that moment in time, be open to their limitations in meeting your expectations all the time, and be willing to communicate your opinions and concerns.



You are beautiful, unique, and wonderfully made.